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Maybe it is not important to you, but I do prefer a man who looks good and takes good care of himself and Dutchmen certainly do! They are groomed and keep up with fashion trends, looking classy with crisp fresh clothing. The Dutchman does what he needs to keep himself looking tip top.

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Oh yes, you are reading correctly! This is amazing right?! Deep fry food is a big part of the Dutch culture so with all the bike riding , the Dutchman will introduce deep fry like it is a normal part of life, no worries, eat away! Deep fry Sunday is a thing in my house and yes, please coat those fries in as much sauce as possible, that is no problem with no judgment from your Dutchman! Dutchmen are raised eating a ton of dairy which means they must have strong bones and teeth, right?!

I am talking cheese, cheese and more cheese. Milk and more milk, milk for breakfast, lunch and maybe dinner? This is all important because it means your future children together will also have strong bones and teeth! It is true, a Dutchman is always aware of his finances and he will keep you updated always about where you stand financially. So, you will have one less thing to worry about! Dutchmen have all sorts of last names, but if you are lucky like me, I have adopted a two-name surname- van Engelen.

Am I lucky or what? There are many others, so keep your eyes peeled and ask for the English translation of their name. Yes, Dutchmen are super proud of their country and so they should be. When you are with a Dutchman, he will ensure he tells you everything the Dutch do, have done or are doing. Such as the Dutch waterways, countries the Dutch have discovered, manmade land and the list goes on. Basically, you learn a lot about Dutch history Dutch everything from being with a Dutchman, good for those pub quizzes you may attend in the future!

Yes, it is true! Imagine this while being surrounded by tulips somewhere in the Dutch meadows- the best! Dutchmen are modern, taking a modern approach to relationships. If you want to concentrate on building your career, no worries. Or if you want to have a fabulous night out without him, that is also no problem. A Dutchman will make you will feel equal in your relationship in every way! It is true, and I am not talking traditional wooden clogs, but a modern version of the clog.

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He might wear them while taking out the trash or perhaps while he is doing a bit of gardening. Think about how good pancakes are already , but what about with cheese as well? That is how the Dutch eat their pancakes and if you are lucky your Dutchman may make you this Dutch delight. Here is that Dutch directness again! Dutchmen will tell you like it is which means no second guessing. This is so refreshing when you are in a relationship as you always know where you stand.

If you look stunning, he will be sure to let you know too! There they are, 13 reasons why a Dutchman is a good choice. I can highly recommend a Dutchman as I am living my happy ever after in The Netherlands. Good luck on finding a Dutchman, they really are charming, fine men! Or are you one of the lucky ones who has already snatched up a Dutchman?! Let us know what is your dating experience with Dutchmen! Follow us on Facebook for more of this!

Hello Karen, well I had the choice to take on his name or not and I decided to add it on to my maiden name because I liked it! When wedding you van choose: Mostly the woman chooses to take the mans name, as was once tradition. I love your article! Only som old farmers wear those. And Dutch guys are sooo not romantic. Therefore you need an Italian or a Frenchman.

And not all Dutch men are tall and handsome. And the Netherlands has really good social security and benefits so if you mess up financially the government will help out. But that does not mean all Dutch men have their shit together financially…. All the things that have been mentioned on this article are true!

This Woman Is Ready To Meet The Dutch Man She's Fallen In Love With Online

I just got to know a Dutch guy for about 6 months. We talking and cam through Skype everyday and by January next year he wants to come here, Malaysia. Thanks Liya Sam for reading my blog. It sounds like a catch situation that you are in. I love your share. Im falling in love with him because some of reasons you metioned above.

I love not only his good sides but also bad ones. Im an Asian girl, he comes here for 10 months to study and nearly came back home. He just likes me and we spend much times together. I dont know we can have a long term relationship or not. Thanks for your sharing. Nice post,but have a question how long does it take for a dutch guy to call you girlfriend? If anyone can answer me please do,thanks and have a lovely day! You may have to meet him for sure, just as in any relationship a face-to-face meeting is important to have a feel of where the relationship is headed.

I can answer the question for you. One year and half hahah. But he wants to meet in next few months so he thinks that he can wait to hear my voice because we have been totally obsessed with each other and found something that we both cherish very deeply. Strange I know neither wants to hear him in LDR, wants to meet directly. I belong in museum LOL…. Ask him if you are his girlfriend now?? He will tell you the truth ….. Wer same situation hannah! I hv a 2month relationship also to a dutch men..

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I dnt know,f he love me or he only using me to fade her fantasy.. I fall to this dutch guy.. I was in the same situation.. We now talk and remember that and laugh so hard! Just try to find a moment to make it funny and a great memory.. Well, good to know. I find your post so interesting.. He said he likes and he loves me too.. LDR is kinda a bit hard but i know we can make it.

I may not be his first love but im still willing to love and accept him and his kids.

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  • All the best in your relationship! The first step is of course to meet face to face, and with everything going to plan, you will be most welcome in the Netherlands! I found your post, because I was really confused about how to date some dutch guy. I had been in Netherlands for the last 2 months and I had dates but all of them are just friends with me. I dont know if it takes time to grow or he is just not for me. Pls give me some advice on this as I am stuck. I am dating a Dutch man in Canada and this is all so true of him.

    He is frugal but he always pays the bill and we splurge on good food and good beer. Even if we are buying food to cook together I have to fight him to pay my fair share. Women are definitely equals in his world. He helps me in anyway he possibly can and likes to take care of me. He has a kind generous heart.

    He is very hardworking. He skypes his family frequently and is close to them despite the distance. And I know exactly where I stand with him. I met a Dutch online and we have been dating for nearly 4 months now. He was recently still on it while I have been off that site mot long after we met.

    Since i mentioned it he deleted his account. He told me from beginning that he wants to save money coz he spent too much last year. So i offered sometimes and he accepted. Just arrived in Amsterdam. Will come to confirm your hypothesis in due time. I met a dutch online.. Thanks for the I sight.

    Ooh if we become an item what will I do with all my high heels. Dutch guys overall are pretty cool. Uhm, Dutch guys are different.. Still I think the dutch are pretty cool. My Dutch boyfriend and I met over the internet a few months ago. We bonded over memes, a movie, and drunk gaming haha. Since my birthday passed a few months ago, he likes to remind me that he still owes me a game. That aside, I know I could ask for a top tier expensive game and he would buy it with no hesitation. That would make me feel bad though haha. This is not to say he spends like Mozart, he knows his limits, which I love.

    Point 8 They are blunt: I am shocked so much time has passed oh man. It is usually solved with proper communication. I am always worried we will break up but he reassures me each time he would not break up with me; that he sees no reason to break up with me and that I would know if he lost interest AND if we did break up, it would be because of life circumstances. Just an anxiety of mine I guess. Point 3 They know that women run the world: He tells me he loves me everyday because of a previous bump in the early stage of our relationship. In I guess North American culture, guys are expected to lead while females follow behind.

    I was expecting him to message me first but it never really happened. I guess he was also expecting me to message him first haha. Not only that, whenever we would spend time together, we would always do what I wanted to do. He would tell me that what we did together was not only dependent on what I liked, but he would like what we were doing too.

    So he was definitely expecting me to take the lead in some way. I know if I were more outgoing, he would match my energy easily. He was the one who initiated most of the flirting tbh. My boy really is flexible and full of life. I hope to be more outgoing one dayyy.

    Im rambling though haha. My experience with a Dutch boy. Long post, but I really enjoyed this article along with the comments and wanted to share my experience as well hopefully adding a pop of colour to the discussion. Im a 25y dutch man and i feel verry weird after reading this. I think the man u met just wanna get in your pants. Woman want to be equal right? I might pay if she offered to share and i really need to like that girl. Furthermore only on the streets woman rule inside the house the man wears the pants phrase for being the boss if i say to my girl jump, she will ask how high?

    Btw im an average guy. Thanks for your response Jeff. If we are together and going out regularly as a couple, I can pay for our meals from time to time, no problem. Such a great article! We spent Christmas and new year together , he stayed for 3 weeks. He never asked me to split the bill. Never split the bill. So that led me to further know more about Dutch guys. They always pay even when I ask them not to pay for my part. Now, my Dutch guy wants to live with me and have a kid. Is that something that Dutch guys are not really into?

    Dating a Dutchman! 13 Reasons why it’s a good choice

    Just explain the cultural differences and hope that he understands. How to find a Dutch man to marry. I love Holland so much with fields of tulips flowers and lovely people, where all children are treated free…. Hi, I like a dutch guy. We work in same office. Just started to talk, lets see where it goes. He seems very nice to me. This was really interesting to read!

    And the comments too. I went out with a Dutch guy the other day I sorta embarrassed myself and we split the bill for dinner and coffee.

    Dutch men don't flirt

    It was rather fun though since we talked the entire night. We had such great conversations. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.