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The whole "dominance" thing.

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I don't even understand why someone would want to dominate someone else. I prefer the company of equals. Girls need strong interpersonal skills. It's a big part of being a woman. I never have plans. I very much "wing it" in life. I'd never have a "Plan A" let alone a "Plan B". Very much not my style. Originally Posted by jacketfan.

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She is always like "how bout no" and we sit at the same spot for a disportionate amount of time, then go home early. That would be a dream for myself, as i have similar traits. If so i'd say she has a good head on her shoulders and is dedicated to her education and job so she would definitely be a keeper But it entirely depends what kind of person you are as well, if she is introverted and you are extroverted it may be difficult.

I don't even know enough people to possibly fill that kind of time up with things to do. You must have friends or something. I think it'd be interesting to have something to do on a regular basis, but on the other hand I think I'd get tired of it. Originally Posted by Comboking. When someone does nothing but sit on their ass watching netflix, it's a problem. I can personally attest that it's not as amazing as it appears. Anybody who spends most of their time on Netflix is a dull, boring person with no hobbies. I actually prefer this rather than a sloot that always has to have attention.

Not saying a girl that's a total loner but you know.. How does watching streamed content differ from going out to see a show? You're still sitting on your ass just in someone else's chair and watching someone ELSE deliver content. Most available entertainment is similar. You go out, you pay for a service, and watch someone else do something. You deal with traffic, pay for gas, pay for parking, pay for entrance fees, pay exorbitant food prices, and get..

I have no friends or social life, dating, etc. | Lipstick Alley

Or you could stay home, select from countless entertainment options, all of which are delivered to your own comfortable chair. Having a girl around who's into the same thing means you have a solid chance of getting laid afterwards as well. I don't see a problem here. Now, if you're talking about outdoor hobbies like hiking, climbing, or sports..

Nobody chooses their interests.. I didn't choose to like PC gaming, and I didn't choose to dislike damn near everything else. It doesn't make me a boring person just because most things bore me, and if I am, so be it. I'd like a nice, boring girl please. There is somebody for everyone. I am sure there is a dude that would find her to be perfect for him. This is almost ridiculous. I was in your exact situation, almost two years ago, with the same attitude.

You do NOT want a boring girl. Your conversations will consist of nothing besides "watching netflix". Every day, day in, day out, you will have the same conversation. You THINK you'll get along, but after a few months of the same old, you will realize that you're not happy. I can't be happy with someone who does nothing all day. Most smart men cant. Ehh I like a girl that's willing to go out and explore the world. My dream is to travel all over the world one day. I want someone adventurous. Like I also would like to skydive one day, I want a girl that is willing to try that. And she also needs to have her own friends and hang out with them and just have fun.

If you are up for it please feel free to contact me via: Nov 19, 5. Nov 19, 6. What is wrong with you? Thanks x 31 LOL! Nov 19, 7. Please report that ingog, I just did. Nov 19, 8. Nov 19, 9. Nov 19, Thanks x 12 Disagree!

I think that you need to find a meetup associated with something you like to do or just being shy generally and put yourself out there. Hi OP, Not long ago, I went to a social event after having gone a long time without going out. I will tell you that what I am noticing is that people like "going to" events to allegedly "meet people" but I am seeing that sometimes people just like others to just find themselves distracted with for a few hours but rarely do they have any interest in continuing a relationship with anyone that they meet.

So, there are many people who are just looking for a distraction from loneliness and they use these events to escape those feelings. As such, I would suggest that you find volunteer or civic organizations that revolve around themes that you're passionate about. I think if you're just going to random happy hours then it's going to be a different energy that I think perhaps isn't always the healthiest situation.

What are your interests OP? I think volunteer work, time permitting, is probably the best option to meet quality people who are concerned about others and not necessarily obsessed with stunting on social media, posting pics they took at happy hour. OP, I am going to be harsh because I and many people posted that same post many years ago and things have not changed.

I am going to give you the wisdom of my BAD decisions because I don't want you to end up with no options like has happened to me. As you get older, friends, a social life, etc is harder and harder to get; it is just the reality. Throughout the years, I would post your same post. I would listen to all of the advice and do all that was suggested and nothing changed because I went about it the wrong way.

I have no friends or social life, dating, etc.

You have got to fumble your way through like it is a marathon. What does this mean? I used to not get invited to stuff and when I went I felt out of place. I soon stopped being invited to stuff. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Why, because as you age, everyone will have somebody and it will make your life more difficult without somebody. Why am I saying this? I am not saying get in some type of abusive relationship or date a loser or anything like that.

I am telling you to be open to the person that you may have ruled out for whatever reason. Once people sense you are loved and connected, it attracts more people to you. I have seen it first hand. Now, my response to the advice which I didn't even read because I have seen it times before: I know several yt women who have joined writing groups and other groups based upon a skill and it has worked for them. The only groups I could find were social groups.

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Essentially, in each one, we would not talk for a whole month and then get to the meetup and pretend to be friends and then not talk again to the next meetup. The groups all disbanded. One meetup I went to was for black single professionals to hang out. One lady brought her adult daughters and the whole time I was thinking: That meetup disbanded because people would come and promise to show up for future meetups and they wouldn't show up. Meetup based upon a skill and interest, not just social. Self - help work on you - excessive self help exercises just makes the person neurotically distrusting of others motives; in other words self help says YOU are great and that everybody else is messed up.

Develop some hobbies - you will enjoy being by yourself with your hobbies for a few years and then your hobbies will become tedious chores.

Hobbies are what you do when you want to ESCAPE; therapists have turned hobbies into something you do to keep yourself occupied because you have sheat else to do. NO, a hobby is something you enjoy when you want to escape your busy life or don't want to socialize. In high school, I read books all the time and quickly because I knew me and my friends would be doing something later--years later, take that socialization away, and I can't stand reading books.

Shopping, Soduzu, movie watching, gardening, clubbing etc all well and good until you do it by yourself so much that you drive yourself crazy. Pray for God to bring people in your life - that may work for others; I haven't seen it work for most people though. I remember watching this tv show.

The lady didn't have any friends or social life so she turned to her church. Her church thought she was annoying and rejected her; she ended up killing a lady at her church who was accepted. The lady was sentenced to prison and she wrote a letter to the tv show saying she was finally happy because she now had friends in prison. Get a pet - All people know about the cat ladies; they get pets to try to cure their loneliness and it does not work.

If you get a pet, use it as a means to meet other people - walk the pet in your neighborhood, go to the park, go to dog parks, carry the pet around. When I have a pet, people seem to always want to talk about the pet mostly Yt people 6. Classes - I got this as advice from many people. The people in my area signed up for the 1 hour classes and ran straight home. If you are going to do the class route, it has to be a difficult one where people are required to stay in the class for whatever reason.

Who, however, wants to take a hard class for fun. Focus on the romantic relationship and 2. Engage in activities that would further increase the opportunities for a romantic relationship perhaps a dog you have to walk or take to the park, some type of technical class that requires skill building and the class is hard but people have to take it for their job or something 3. Part-time job - if you don't already have an advanced degree I had an advanced degree ; a nothing job at night or on the weekends is a way to meet people.

When I was a cashier, I met all types of people. After you get a degree, employers are not going to hire you to be a cashier or anything like that so this option starts to fade once you get established. In summary, focus on the 3 things I suggested at the end. If you listen to the "advice" you are going to end up out of options because everyone else will have moved on with their lives while you are still complaining about not having any friends or social life. Thanks x 25 Hugs! I have this problem too.

Life is really hard without someone in your corner. Thanks x 12 Hugs! You have to be more outgoing. It's really the only way. If you're lucky once you find someone that you really click with they'll slowly bring you around their other friends and your social circle can grow from there. OP, i could have written all of this myself. I learned to do things slowly, start slow with going out a bit more, talk to people a bit more ect. You can't meet people if you don't leave the house. Start going for walks.

1 Simple Mindset For A Great Social Life

Join a gym, exercise class, volunteer, take a class. Meetup is good but instead of just joining why not start your own?