Why online dating is actually awesome


It takes the awkwardness out of approaching people. Online dating is great for shy people.

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Things might be awkward when you meet a date in person for the first time, but you should be able to get over it quickly, because you both opted in for it. There are really, really specific dating websites out there. Please take a moment to read this list ; I dare you not to laugh out loud at least four times. What about other people? I asked friends and coworkers ages tell me what they think.

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My personal experience skews my opinions of online dating very positive, so I wanted to be inclusive of other opinions as well. It can really get in your head, if you let it. Does she actually want to message with me, or is she just being polite? Some of us take it seriously.

Internet dating: 10 things I’ve learned from looking for love online

I do, at least. I find it so entertaining. The girls are way more serious on Match. My account is deactivated right now, because things got busy at work. I feel like I failed at getting girls. Are you using my real name in this?

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So, there you have it. Some mixed opinions from both sexes.

In the end, I think online dating is successful if—and this is a pretty big if—you can be honest with yourself about two things: Take some time and let people know what you really want. But if you already know what you want, then great—search on. How to start a message in a way that's neither boring nor over-the-top? These questions will run through your mind, but it takes courage to go for it anyway. You get comfortable with being uncomfortable when you realize that everyone else out there is just as vulnerable as you are.

I've dated a handful of people I met online, and let me tell you, I'm not sure our paths would have ever crossed in real life. First, because we didn't live in the same immediate area, but secondly, because they hung out in different types of places and with different types of people than I did. It might not have worked out with all of them in the end, but I can honestly say that the people I met online were some of the most interesting and memorable people.

Why Online Dating is Awesome for Meeting Your Soul Mate

I learned a lot from them and I am so glad our lives intersected, even if only for a few weeks or a few months at a time. With online dating, you don't have to wait to meet someone to ask on a date or wait for someone to ask you -- in "real life" that could take months. Online, you can get more dates in a shorter period of time. You know how people say that every job interview you go on, whether it leads to a job or not, is at least "interview experience?

That's exactly what first dates are like.

4 Facts Why Online Dating is Actually Awesome

Sure, when you go on a date with a new person for the first time, you're still going to feel those nerves and butterflies, but with each date you go on, you learn more about what works for you and what doesn't. Know what kind of drink is appropriate to order in that setting, never again suggest a place that's so quiet every silence feels excruciating, and when all other conversation fails, tell them about that time you accidentally ate an entire "special" brownie in high school and proceeded to throw up. Some people say, "good things come to those who wait. They might not be the exact thing you set out to obtain for example, you might meet someone online who turns out to be a really good friend or who points you in the direction of a new career path instead of being your lifelong love , but they will add to your life regardless.

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It's all about deciding what you want in your life and going for it. Like, what do you do when someone sends you two paragraphs on how beautiful you are and how you have the same taste in movies, but it's so over the top that you're thoroughly creeped out? What about when you've been messaging someone and all of a sudden, they just stop answering -- as if you are not even a human being on the other end of cyberspace, as if you are just a username not even worthy of a "I met someone but it was really nice talking to you" message?